Lost Account

A"To recover your account, please refer to the following self-help information. You may be able to recover your account quicker on your own than to contact a representative!

WARNING: If you load multiple accounts on one device, you may lose your progress on more than one account!

1. I linked to my Google+ / Google Play account, but can not bring my account!

1) Make sure you have added the correct Google Play account to your device.

2) Tap the Google Play button (red) in game settings (top right of the game screen). The username and level of the account from the device will then appear in the game. Make sure you are on the right account and tap ""Yes"".

2. I'm connected to Game Center, but cannot load my account!

1) Sign in to Game Center using the email address that was originally linked to your account. You can log in by going to Device Settings> Game Center> Apple ID.

2) When you log in with correct Game Center / Apple ID, the game sends a message promptly to retrieve the correct information. If you can not retrieve the account with your current email address, you may be using the wrong email."