Honey, Crystal, and Payment

ABugscraft is free to download and play. You can use in-game money for faster game progress, but you can enjoy all the game contents free. There are special offers in game, some of which can be purchased in Bugscraft game shops with crystals, honey, and cash. For security and customer protection, the transaction process is entirely handled by iTunes or Google Play.

Crystal can be collected by playing games. You can acquire a small amount of crystals from the bombs or complete the challenges and special events to receive crystals as rewards. Please check the 'Bugs News' in the game or the official homepage and Facebook page for the event news.

AHoney is one of two kinds of in game money that can be used: buy cards and emoticons from the shop, upgrade cards, or create a clan. It is also used when purchasing certain specials in stores.

Honey can be obtained in a variety of ways: providing cards, selling cards, opening bombs, winning battles, and more. Obtain honey from the bomb or by purchasing in a shop.

ACrystal is one of two kinds of in-game money, you can use crystals to buy specials, bombs, honey, and instantly explode explosive bombs.
Crystals can be purchased from a shop, acquired from a bomb, or completing in-game achievements.

AThe crew is working hard to prevent any accidents in the game through an intuitive verification process. When using crystals in the game, you will always be notified and asked if you really want to use the crystal. This system prevents accidental use of crystals.
Since Bugscraft is a real-time online multiplayer game, changing any post-applied changes can seriously affect other users. You cannot reverse the user's progress or delete the feature. If you get back the crystal, you will be granted with the privilege resulting in unfair consequences for other players who have purchased items or upgrades by crystals or playing games.

AHoney rewards will be received automatically after winning the battle. The player can receive Honey rewards up to 20 times a day.
The number of rewards is reset by 24 hours.