ABattle Deck contains 8 Bugs Hero cards, 2 Bugs Friends, and 3 Battle Items that will be used in the battle.

You must select 8 Bugs Hero cards before you can enter the game.

2 Bugs Friends cards are optional. You can only take one, or you can enter the game without it. However, the Bugs Friends will help the Bugs Hero with less usuage of mana.

Three Battle Items can fill 3 slots with one item, each with a different kind of item, or enter the game with an empty slot. Each item has a cool time, which you can re-use after a cool time. Since it gives a lot of help in a battle, it is advantageous to take the item.

AThe canvas is a battlefield where players compete.

There are currently 6 canvases.
If you win in a battle and raise the level, you can go up to the next canvas. If you win on each canvas, you can get a bomb and discover a new card.

A detailed description of each canvas can be found by clicking on the canvas marble in the battle main screen.

AThe level you gain or lose depends on the number of painted spaces in the battle. At the end of the game, if the winner's real-time painting score is 22, the winner gets 22 points plus 5 to gain 27 levels, and the loser loses 27 levels. At the end of the game, the winner adds + 5 to the number of painted spaces and vice versa.

ADuring the battle, only cards contained in the battle deck can be used.
Also, since the cards of the battle deck appear randomly during the battle, you must wait for the card to come out to use a particular unit.

AThe only way to get to the next canvas is to earn the level through PvP battle. Do not give up. If you play steadily, you can reach the top canvas.

AIn Bugscraft, it is important to deploy the unit in perfect timing. Once deployed, the unit moves itself in the given direction and paints, and when it encounters an enemy, it fights according to its characteristics.

Players cannot control the units that are off the canvas.

AThe Matchmaking system allows you to match with your opponent of a similar level. The level of each player's card is not relevant in matchmaking.

Your level and your opponent's level often vary greatly, but you can reduce the gap by playing strategically.

We are always working hard not to cause any inequality between users.

AGo to the clan and tap "Friends". You can battle your online status friends on the "Friends" tab. In the friendly game, all users' cards will be adjusted to the same level.

Levels, honey, and reward bombs are not awarded in a friendship game.