AYou can join or create a clan at level 1 or higher.
You can sign up by searching the clan from the Search menu in the Clan tab, or create a new clan.

AClan invitation messages can be sent to friends in linkage with SNS. If you have play battles together, you can check users' profile in the history and invite them to the clan.

AThe clan has the class of co-leader, elder, member, and new designated by the clan leader who created the clan.
Users who have just joined the clan are automatically placed in the newbie and can be re-ranked by the clan leader, co-leader, and elders.
Depending on the clan class, you may be restricted from using the clan system.

AA representative, co-leader, or elder-grade user can request card support from a clan user.

Request button is on the Clan Chat tab. Only elder-grade users can activate this button.

Qualified users can request Hero Cards every 4 hours. Maximum number of supported cards per session and the maximum number of cards per support is the following:

- On Request: 20 common bugs cards / 5 green bugs cards / 3 cyberg bugs cards

- On Support: 5 common bugs cards / 2 green bugs cards / 1 cyberg bugs card

Users who have supported the card will receive a clan support bonus and honey equal to the selling price of the card.

AClanBank is a place where rewards are accumulated according to the accumulated number of victories each time a clan won in a clan multiplayer match. If you have a registered card in your clan bank, you can exchange it for the same levle of card you have. The same amount will be exchange.

Unfortunately, ClanBank is available from general grade users.

AIf you are kicked out, you will not be able to join the clan. In order to rejoin the clan, you need to be reinvited by the deported clan.