Welcome to BUGSCRAFT.

As the magic potions of the CANVAS Masters poured into the earth, the peaceful insect town turned into a battlefield As a side effect of the magic potions, the insects turned into Bugs Heroes carrying all kinds of weapons, and they bravely jump into battlefields just to paint their district

Battle for the Painting!

BUGSCRAFT is a real-time PVP battle game that is combined with battles and puzzles A puzzle that automatically forms between intense battles and fancy magic! Join the game you have never played before

Welcome to CANVAS.!

Unleash your own strategy in the CANVAS that suits your level by using various functional devices that exist in the CANVAS

Experience the variety of CANVAS battlefields and functional areas that changes in different CANVAS

Bug's Heroes

Win the battle with cute and stunning Bug's Heroes, and with Bug's Friends and powerful and fancy battle item cards that supports the Bug's Heroes

Multi, Clan, Union unite!

If you join a clan, you can enjoy multiplayer battles with your clan and union clan members. Join a clan and a union to fight and win with your friends!

AR Battle

A new battle that you have never seen before You can make any places into a battlefield by AR Battles

Challenge for super rewards!

Join the battle now. The glory of victory is waiting for you!