An User’s Policy on the Onepixel’s mobile service

(Included Agreement for the Event PUSH promotional texts)

Thank you for using Onepixel’s mobile service. Onepixel has made changes to offer itscustomers better service andto keep improving the overall quality of mobile service. This policy is not only the agreement applying to any mobile service that Onepixel provides,but is alsothe information that customers shall acknowledge.


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this article is to regulate the right, duty, and responsibility by and between the Company and a Customer in respect of any service that Onepixel (Company) provides by “Mobile machine”.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

1) Definition of terms in this policy is as follows.

1. The Contents mean all things created in a digital way related all game and a network service, an application, and a game item for the company to provide in a “mobile machine”.

2. A Mobile Machine means a machine for downloading or using digital contents in a Wi-Fi network such asa phone, tablet PC, and a portable game console.

3. The Affiliated Service (service), which the Company provides with affiliated mobile platform agencies including Facebook, meansa separate service or the whole service that enables customers to submit their account information, including an affiliated mobile platform, profile picture and the use of Contents in a Mobile Machine.

4. A Member means auser who agrees to this policy and consents to provide their personal information for using the Service.

5. A Temporary Member means a user who logs in as a guest without buying membership.

6. An Authorized Payment Agencyis a company offering an electronic payment method for paying  offline via credit card, phone payment etc.

7. An Actual Payment is a transaction to purchase items in Contents at a price.

8. An Item means the data showing either a constant result or a random result including honey, crystal, bump, emoticon, card among others to be considered as recognizable data.

9. A Free Itemis an item that company grants to “customer” for free (including paid items that company grants without asking payment.)

10. A Charged Item is an item paid in Game Cash.

11. Game Cashis virtual cash that a user can use in an online game by making an “actual payment” inreal life.

12. The Open Marketis an application or a matching web platform that provides a charged service such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, T Store, N store etc.

13. The Open Market Business Owner means a person possesses and operates the Open market.

14. The Postings mean a different form of writing, pictures, videos,which include signs, texts, records, sounds, face talk, and video clips etc.

(The terms hold the same meaning in the Company blog.)

2) The definition of terms used herein, except for those stated in the Article1, shall be governed by the applicable laws and other general commercial practices.


Article 3 (Regulations besides this policy)

Regulations, except where expressly stated otherwise, shall be governed by the Company Policy, regulations for the Service, ‘Act on theEncouragement of Information Network System and Protection of Privacy’, ‘Consumer Protection Law for Electronic Commerce’, ‘Location Privacy Protection Act’, or Another related Korean Act.



Article 4 (The Affiliated Service)

1) The Service is service being shared with other members in the mobile platform such as Facebook.

2) Before using the Service, a member shall agree to provide a personal information including Personal Profile required for the Service. Otherwise, the Company may restrict use of the Service.

3) The Company may offer the Service with affiliated partners. A member shall cancel each membership (terminate the service contract) separately when a Member has an integrated membership and is willing to close an account of the integrated service.

4) For the Service is provided by a Member’s information of an affiliated partner, the Service may be not given to those who terminated the service contracts.

5) If a Member deletes any content, user Information may also be deleted including any Items that a Member owned. A Member may make a confirmation on any loss of information in advance.


Article 5 (Community Service)

1) “Community Service” is a service provided by the “Company” where many users exchange their opinions and promote fraternity among themselves on a bulletin.

2) A “member” may use the “Community Service” provided by a “company” by interlocking accounts of other web platforms including Facebook, Google plus.

3) If a “Member” joins an online café service in order to use “community service,” amember’s information may be released to mangers and staff members.

4)Because the Community Service is interlocked with external web agencies, the Service may not be provided when a Member may either lose their membership status or terminate service.

5) The Company may set restrictions on the use of service and administrative laws for protection of Members’ legal rights and with such restrictions, Members shall abide by the law. The Company shall either make a posting in the Community Service webpage or display a bridging shot for notifying management policy.




Article 6 (Effects and amendment of Policy)

1) The Company shall place a notice in mobile webpage of the Company or Contents.

2) The Company may revise this policy unless it violates related statutes including ‘Act on the Encouragement of Information Network System and Protection of Privacy’, ‘Consumer Protection Law for Electronic Commerce, Game Industry Promotion Act, Contents Industry Promotion Act.

3) When intending to amend this Policy, the Company shall make an announcement, along with the current Terms of Service, from 7 days before the effective date of the amendment. This announcement shall specify the effective date and reasons for the amendment. For amendments disadvantageous to the Members, the announcement shall be made 30 days before the effective date, in addition, a separate, express notice shall be made for a certain period through electronic means (e.g., in-Service emails, electronic messages, pop-ups at login)

4) Agreeing to this policy means agreement to check the amended contents herein. The Company is not liable for a member’s loss or damage occurred due to member’s indifference to amendments.

5) When a member agrees to this policy, this policy comes into effect.

6) If a member does not agree anamended policy, the member may cancel the account. A Member shall be deemed to consent to the amended Terms of Service when continuing to use the Company’s Service after the effective date.


Article 7 (Membership Subscription and Approval Process)

1) Membership subscription shall be completed when anyone intending to become a Member, consents to the Terms of Service.

2) The Company shall accept a Membership Applicant’s application for use of the Service as it comes, in principle. However, the Company defers accepting applications with following reasons.

1. If there is no extra service equipment in the Company.

2. If there are any technological problems.

3. If there are Internal affairs of the Company causing any difficulty of acceptance.

3) The Company shall refuse to accept an application or restrict of use of the Service with following reasons.

1. States false information or log in with astolen device.

2. Intends to use the Service for a criminal purpose described in criminal law.

3. Intends to use the Service for the purpose of violating the intent of theJuvenile Protection Act.

4.Intends to use the Service for the purpose of violating any statutes of the Republic of Korea.

5. Intends to use the Service for the purpose of pursuing profits.

6. A Member who belongs to a competitor of the Service makes an application for the purpose of distracting the Company’s profitable activities.

7. If the Company shall make adjustments and provide the Service for Users from different countries where service is not provided.

8. Makes a subscription for the use of the Service in a device restricted in the use of the Service.

9. Makes subscriptionand violates articles designated herein.

4) As soon as a Member completes submitting private information necessary to the use of the Service, the Company shall let a Member use the Service unless there is a reason to defer an approval or refuse to accept a Member.

5) The Company shall offer a status of the Temporary Member in some part of service for convenience. However,the User record or purchasing history of a Temporary User may be deleted in the following situations. The Company shall inform a Temporary User of the possible problemsthat may occur when using the service for the first time, in reference to pop ups.Because  User records shall be neither transferred nor yielded to a formal Member’s account, membership verification is recommended for the use of the Service.

1. Changes a Mobile device for the use ofService.

2. Initializes or remodels a Mobile device

3. Deletes contents including applications in a Mobile device


Article 8 (The Company Information Indication and Conditions for the Use of Contents)

1) The Company information shall be provided in the Company website ( Contents products webpages.

2) The Paid Items and conditions for the use, contents ratings, system options are as follows. Other specific information is also notified in the “Purchase” screen of the open market.

1. Provider: One pixel

2. Condition of the Use: able to use the Game.

3. Age Rating: in accordance with the age rating information described in each content product webpage(“Purchase” screen or game screen)

4. Billing amount: in accordance with the payment information described in each content product webpage.

5. Distribution method: through online game.

6. Minimum system requirement, OS:in accordance with minimum system in each content product webpage.

7. Required software: in accordance with essential software required for each content product.

8. Subscription withdrawal, contract termination, compensation etc.: pursuant to the Article 22, verse 26 and 27 hereunder.

9. Customer Service: 1:1 chat in the Content, customer service in the webpage.

3) The Paid item purchased by a Member may be used only in a Content where the Item is bought, but the Paid item between Contents may be transferred by an Open market dealer or Contents’ policy. In this case, related notifications shall be given. 

4) When questions about the purchased Contents may come up, 1:1 question bulletin board for the Content, Webpage ( be an appropriate place of settling down related matters.

5) Other Subscription withdrawal, contract termination, compensation shall be subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth.




Article 9 (Provision of the Service)

1) The Company shall offer Services by utilizing its own application andnetwork and a Member may download the application or access to the network for the use of the Service whether it is free or not.

2) A Charged Content shall be available for use only when the payment is made as described in the Service and some of Charged Contents shall require the Actual Payment.

3) Free Contents are available without payment, but even free Content may require Payment. A Membershould check if an Item is a Charged Item.

4) For telecommunications service providers may impose extra charge on the Service or the Application download in a network, so it is recommended downloading from WIFI network.


Article 10 (The duty of the Company)

1) The Company shall build a security system providing a constantly stable Service to the best of its technology.

2) The Company shall take immediate action ifany claims or complaints that a Member brought up is regarded as a reasonable complaint. But if the Company faces difficulties giving solutions right away, it shall inform the user of such difficulties and why it may not be dealt with immediately.

3) The Company has the duty of protecting a Member’s rights and maintaining the Service systematically.


Article 11 (The Duty of a Member)

1) A Member shall abide by relevant Act including Juvenile Protection Act, the Company’s notification, other regulations, administrative law, and rules for the use of the Service, the policy hereunder.

2) A Member shall neither injure the Company’s honor nor distract the Company’s profitable activities.

3) A Member may not be involved in any kind of sales using the Service of the Company without permission. If so, a member is liable for any result and the Company shall make a claim for damages.

4) A Member shall hold the responsibility of handling a Mobile device and prevent any third party from using it. The Company is not liable for any damages occurred by the third party’s use.

5) A Member shall set up a pin number for payment in the open market for blocking any illegal dealing. The Company is not liable for any problem that result from turning off the function, a pin number for payment.



The Article 12 (The Administrative policy and Regulation on the Use of the Service)

1) The Company shall set up the Administrative policy and regulation on the use of the Service for protecting a Member’s right and maintain the Service in a systematic order.

2) The Company shall notify the amendment of the Administrative policy and regulation on the use of the Service 7days before the effective day.For an amendment that affects to the Members’ right and duty, the announcement shall be made 30 days before the effective date. If the notification is not inevitably made in advance, post-notification shall be made.

3) The administrative law shall be provided in the menu in the Service or the bridging screen shot for notification.



Article 13 (Service Hours)

1) The Service shall be provided only for the designated hours in accordance with the Company’s sales rules. Without a specific sign or notification, provision of 24 hours is the principle.

2) The Service may not be provided and the Company shall not have the duty of providing the Service for the following reasons.

1. if equipment inspection, replacement, Contents modification, and amendment of the Service are needed

2. if accidents such as hacking, a Member’s irregular claims, unexpected problems of the web service occurred

3. If provision of the Service is impossible due to natural disasters, wars, emergencies, skyrocketing number of the Service users etc.

4. If any law prevents a certain Member from using the Service.



Article 14 (The Amendment of the Service and Shut Down)

1) The Company shall revise either part of or the whole Service when new Content and Bug patches are needed. The Company is not liable for any damage including the loss of a Member’s expected profits and the loss of benefits that the Company hasn’t provide.

2) The Company shall shut down part of or the whole Service and make notification 30days before the shut down for satisfying technical or managerial need. The Company shall give a notice on the account of an unavoidable circumstances.

3) If the Company stop the whole Service by the previous article, a Member shall not request for compensation of a Paid Item which doesn’t have any using time left. Provided that using time of a Paid Item is not informed, using time shall be considered the time till the end date of the Service described in shutting down the Service notification.


Article 15 (Regulation on the use of the Service)

A Member shall not be involved in following activities and the Company shall put restriction on the use of the Member’s Service. Furthermore, the Company’s restriction may be applied to the Whole service if a Member ‘s mistake may be regarded as a serious matter. The Company shall delete a Member’s information (posts, pictures, videos that a Member uploaded) for restriction and any problem resulted from the restriction lies with the Member.

1. Deceives Other Members and provides  false information for registration, amendment, application etc. 

2.Steals Another Members’ information or a Mobile device.

3. Uses the Service immorally including amending the Company’s program without permission from the Company, hacking the web server of the Company, and revising part of or the whole information in the bulletin or website.

4. Misuses the bug of web programs

5. Acquiresand usesa cyber asset (ID, Character, Item, Game Money etc.) in an illegal way.

6. Transfers (trades or gives) a cyber asset in a way that the Company shall not approve.

7. Gets involved in any illegal payment.

8. Causes a harmful result of the Service and disturbs the Service intentionally.

9. in sales activities by using the Service without the Company’s permission in advance.

10. Copies the information acquiredfrom the Service, uses them in publications and broadcastings, and provides them to the third parties without permission in advance.

11 Transmits, notifies, and disseminates information infringingpatent, trademark, confidentiality, intellectual property right.

12. Transmits, notifies, and disseminates an obscene content, writings, sounds, videos violating Juvenile Protection Act.

13. Transmits, notifies, and disseminates insulting content or contents violating others’ privacy and fame.

14. Constantly causes any harm or inconvenience to a certain Member or taunt and threat Members.

15. Manipulates game results such and forces termination of games

16. Gets involved in any crime.

17. Violates any related law.



Article 16 (An objection on restriction)

1) A Member shall submit an objection paper where the reasons of insubordination to restriction are stated 15 days before notification via a letter or email.

2) The Company shall give a reply via letter or email at least 15 days after the objection paper is submitted. But if the company faces difficulties answering in 15 days, the Company shall inform the Member the reason of delay and schedules to be processed.

3) The Company shall take an actioncorresponding to stated clauses and articles.



Article 17 (The Protection and Use of Personal Information)

1) A Member shall abide by ‘private information policy’ for protection and use of personal information. For the ‘private information policy’ shall not apply to the Service that the Company officially provides and the Company website,a Member shall check a ‘private information policy’ of other company when transferring to other companies and using the service of other companies.

2)Because personal information including nicknames, pictures, statuseshave the purpose ofself-introduction,such information shall be open to other Members.

3) The Company is not responsible for risk of exposed account information of a Member due to a member’s fault.



Article 18 (Intelligence Gathering)


1) The Company shall gather information about terminal, OS information and version, telecommunication companies, a Member’s record for the Service quality enhancement and stabilization of the Service administration.

2) The Company may save or preserve contents including the chats in the Service. The information herein shall neither be provided nor open to anyone but the Company and those who are legally allowed to do so. The Company shall make an announcement of utilizing the contents for inspection of violations, conciliation of dispute between Members, settlement of customer problems,


Article 19 (Provision of Information and Advertisement Placement)

1) Advertisement placement shall be a resource for funds providing the Service that the Company will offer to a Member. A Member who is willing to use the Service shall be deemed as agreeing to the placement of advertisements.

2) The Company is not liable for any loss resultingfrom trades and deals that a Member participated during sales promotion activities of the Service.

3) The Company may transmit the advertising information by means of emails, SMS, Push Notifications for those who consent acceptance of advertising emails. A User may refuse to accept advertising information and the Company shall not send advertising information if user do so.


Article 20 (Copyright)

1) A Member holds the right and responsibility for the copyright of posting that a Member uploads while use of the Service.

2) The Copyright of the postings and contents that the Company make shall belong to the Company.

3) A Member shall neither copy,transmit, publicize, distribute information, for profits, which is acquired during the Service from other companies and its copyright belongs to the Company, to other companies nor let the third party use them.

4) A Member shall allow the Company to provide Service by sourcingall kinds of information (User Contents) including communication, images, sound and texts in chatting room that a Member transmit and upload via game client and the Service with following conditions.

1. The Company shall modify or revises User Contents or editing format (uses any kind of contents format including official announcement, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, second copy right contents without restriction in duration and places designated for the Service)

2.  The Company shall neither sell nor lend nor yieldUser Contents without user’s permission.

5) The Company shall not use Users’ contents (i.e. posting in web board) commercially without agreement and a Member may delete User contents.

6) If a certain posting may be regarded as defamation or invasion of privacy, the Company shall make an Temporary Action on postings and documents without notification in advance but the Company shall delete or restore the Temporary Action after consultation.

7) A Member may ask the Company to delete the information related to a Member’s previous temporary action or post refutation against previous the Company decision if a Member’s rights are infringed. The Company shall take an immediate action to reverse the mistaken situation and notify the Member.

8) The Clause 4 shall be effective even after a Member terminates membership as long as the Company keeps the Service going.


Article 21 (payment)

1) The price of a Charged item is based upon the price in the web store, but expected price and actual price may be differing due to exchange rate and commission.

2) A Member shall pay the price in accordance with policy and method that payment agency and open market owner determined.

3) The Payment ceilings may be modified by the Company, open market owner, payment agencies, government’s policy etc.


Article 22 (Cooling Off)

1) A Charged Item may have two types such as a Charged Item, which possibly is withdrawn, and a Charged Item which is not withdrawn. A Charged Item which may be withdrawn shall offer the option of withdrawal in seven days after purchase.

2) Withdrawal may be limited with following reasons.

1. If Items may be used right after purchase

2. If Item is acquiredon the use of Service

3. If additional benefits (goods, points, mileages, items etc.) were used.

4. If part of items were used and the combination of the items shall be sold as one product

5. If release of item may be deemed as the use of the product or exhausting value.

6. If the Company give out goods and items for free

7. If the others gift a Charged good a Charged item.

3) If a Charge item with the option of withdrawal is used in 7 days after the purchase or the value of the good decrease, or for other reasons, a Member’s withdrawal may be restricted.

4) A Charged Item purchased by minors without permission of a legal representative, either minor or a legal representative, may request for withdrawal and the Company shall ask for the documentation verifying the existence of a legal representatives. if the purchase is made under the disposable asset that a legal representative determined to give a right to a minor or a minor makes people to regard herself or himself as an adult, thewithdrawal shall be limited. Whether the person is a minor or not shall be determined by the name ofAccount owner as the payment is processed in the terminal or credit card.



Article 23 (Effect of the withdrawal)

1) A member shall declare his or her intention of withdrawal, the Company shall get a Charged item back and give a refund in 3 days in a same way as the payment is made, otherwise give a notice in advance. If the payment method requires verification of receiving payment, the payment shall be refunded in 3days from the date verified of receiving payment.

2) The Company shall pay delayed interest which is the product of interest rates described in Consumer Protection Act when the Company delay refunding.


Article 24 (excess fare)

1) Refund of excess fares shall be made to a Member. When the excess fare incurs during payment, the principle is torequest a refund from an Open Market Business Ownerthe Company shall ask an Open Market Business Owner how its refund policies work.

2) The refund shall be made in a same way that the Member made the payment, but if the mean of payment may not work, the Company shall choose a different way of refund.

3) When excess fare takes place due to a Member, commission on the refund shall be imposed upon the Member.

4) The Excess fare made due to application downloaded or network service (phone bill, data charge on phone bill) shall not be refund.


Article 25 (refund of Charged good)

1) The refund shall be made by theRefund application process with following reasons.

1. If a Charged Good is purchased but the Service to use the Charged Good is not available (except for the Service check)

2. If the Company sets up a rule making a refund for customer protection.

2) A Member shall apply for refund by the Company policy and the Company shall evaluate the fairness of the application.

3) When the Company accepts a Member’s refund decision, the Company shall compute balance of a Charged good and refund the balance but the commission of refund 10%.

4) The Company shallneither give a refund for a Charged item gifted from other Members nor a Charged item given for free.


Article 26 (Contract Withdrawal)

1) A Member may close its membership by using menu in the service webpage, and apply for termination via Customer Service. When Contract is withdrawn, a Member’s history (level, Item, Game Money) shall not be restored.

2) The Company shall withdraw a contract if a Member commits a crime or makes a mistake causing loss to the company and a Member shall not hold the right of using Items that is purchased in the Actual Payment and make a claim for damages.

3) The Company may withdraw a contract and destruct private information for Members (Unactuated Accounts) according to the ‘Act on the Encouragement of Information Network System and Protection of Privacy’. In this Case, the Company shall inform the Member that the Company takes an action in 30 days before the day of carrying out the action and the end date of preservation period and details of a private information.



Article 27 (Compensation)

1) The Company is not liable for any damage incurring to a Member in a regard to provide a free Service. However, the Company shall indemnify for damage if the Company is the reason of liability.

2) The Company shall compensate for damaged or deleted a Charged items and Contents due to malfunction of the Service.

3) Provided that the Company is affiliated to service providers and provides service to a Member, a Member may agree upon terms and agreements herein but if damages incur on account of service providers, the service providers are liable for the damages.



Article 28 (Exemption Clause)

1) The Company is exempted from liability provided that the Service is not give due to natural disaster or irresistible force that is pursuant to a natural disaster,

2) The Company is exempted from liability of damage incurred due to inevitable reasons including maintenance, replacement, and inspection of web service.

3) The Company is exempted from liability of Service error due to a Member’s mistake.

4) The Company is not liable for accuracy of information and documentation that a Member posted in the regard to the Service.

5) The Company is not liable for any loss from transaction in the Service between Members or between the third parties.

6) The Company is not responsible in the regard to provision of the Service unless there is a specific policy in related laws.

7) The Company is not responsible for actual profits that are far down compared to expected profits or loss when a Member make transactions in the Service.

8) The Company is not liable for any loss of game money, items, rating levels and accumulated experiences of Member unless these losses are made due to the Company’s mistakes.

9) The Member shall set up a pin number that anOpen market owner provides and pin number in the Mobile device for blocking the third parties’ payment. The Company is not liable for payment of the third party’sdue to a Member’s carelessness.

10) The Company is not liable for malfunction of Contents due to changing devices, phone numbers, a roaming service abroad, telecommunication agencies.

11) When the Company deletes Contents, user information (level, Item, Game money etc.) may be deleted for some cases. The Company shall consider all aspects of deleting Contents and is not liable for any loss in this case.

12) The Company is not liable for any loss while using a Temporary member service.



Article 29 (Jurisdiction and Proper Law)

1) The policy shall be interpreted in accordance to the laws of Republic of Korea and, if a lawsuit is filed between the Company and a Member, is pursuant to a Member’s address or an exclusive jurisdiction of district court if the address in unknown.

2) Provided that a Member’s address or residence is not known as described in the Clause 1, a competent court shall be designated by the Civil Procedure Code.


Supplementary provisions

This policy shall be carried out from December, 28th in 2017.



All contents included in the user’s agreement (privacy policy) follows the Korean user’s agreement published in the 2017 BUGSCRAFT game and the BUGSCRAFT website for the legal/non-legal dispute between the distributing One Pixel Co., Ltd. and the user, the conflict of interest for any language used in the user’s agreement, and the standard to interpret any service (with charge and free of charge) provided by One Pixel.